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Our Services

We offer an array of property management services, designed to cater to all your property needs. From financials and administration to repairs and maintenance, we handle it all for you.

Our expert team at Holm Managing Agents provides comprehensive management services, ensuring your property is efficiently handled, secure, and compliant. Our services include:

Holm financial services


  • Preparation of annual budget and levy schedule

  • Issue and collection of monthly levies

  • Management of building insurance claims

  • Debt collection of unpaid levies

  • Administration of salaries & wages

  • Facilitate annual Audit

  • Payment and reconciliation of supplier accounts

  • Facilitate financing options (Solar, renovations, loans)


  • Organising and attending meetings and distribute minutes 

  • Secretarial work as required by the STSMA

  • Enforcing rules adopted by members

  • Advise Trustees regarding the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act (I.e Meetings, Quorum, proxies, extensions, Rules)

  • CSOS and Ombud related services

  • POPI Compliant services

Holm administrative services
Holm Repairs and Maintenance


  • Obtain quotes and administer contractors for maintenance - Electric fence, gates and intercom, security guards, cameras and many more 

  • Reading and calculating water and electricity meters

  • Facilitate and provide expertise on painting/refurbishment projects

  • Obtain 10 year maintenance plans and building valuations

  • Supply levy clearance certificate

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